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As long as there have been humans on this planet, we have used plants as remedy.  Yet, somehow in this world of pharmacies and drug companies, we have forgotten about the powerful and nurturing medicines that our Earth provides.  Of course a small, informed core has always believed in the power of plants, and in the past 3-5 years, plants are making their way back into the mainstream.

A particularly exciting area of plant based wellness, is the mainstreaming of cannabis, which has been used medicinally for thousands of years, across many cultures.  Only in the past 80 years or so has it been demonized and restricted from common and medicinal use. Read more about the history of cannabis use here.

Inspired by the healthy household I grew up in, I have dreamed of Plant Society since I was a teenager.  At the time there was no definite shape to the vision.  No specific idea.  But it was there.  Germinating.  When I finally committed to bringing Plant Society to life, it felt like it was always meant to be, like it had been growing inside me my whole life.

It took a lot of iterations, discussions, and imaginings to figure out how it would start, and what it would be in the short term. But I always knew that the end goal was a series of health and wellness hives*, offering access to a better life through plant based remedies.

Plant Society is an all-natural, research-based wellness source for discovering natural remedies to enhance your life.  Plant Society provides product reviews and science-based educational information to help you find your perfect remedy.  We aim to help you discover new pathways to health and joy guided by our natural solutions and consultants.  We curate the best in cannabis and other plant remedies to meet your specific needs, whether it be laughter and celebration, pain management, sleep, focus and creativity, sex and sensuality, or relaxation.

It feels so good to be finally launching Plant Society.  I am excited by the opportunity to curate the best in remedies, solutions, resources, and research.  There is so much information available to us, and our goal is to bring you the best, most relevant, and useful bits that can help you on your learning journey, and help you improve your life.

This is a partnership, and we are a team.  I want to hear from you on your discoveries, and what you want to know more about.  Together we will uncover the path to the best life possible through plants.

Plant Society has had a long gestation period, and I would be honored if you would join me on this journey.




* A word about hives:  the word “hives” can have some bad connotations (like hives on the skin), but hives are also the throne rooms of queen bees.  They are where thousands of worker bees live and produce, while they serve their queen and their community.  They are a-bustle with shared work, goals, and communication.  They are constantly producing, never negative.  Many at service to the whole.  All ruled over by none other than, the queen bee.  Pretty extraordinary when you think about it, right?

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