Beboe Pre-filled vape pens

The first time I REALLY got excited about the opening up of the cannabis marketplace, and really felt like it was going to happen, was when I discovered Beboe.

I read about their launch party in C Magazine (my source for all that’s cool in California) and immediately looked up the company online and ordered my first pen. Within 48 hours, my beautiful, rose-gold, perfectly discreet, vaporizer arrived at my doorstep! My doorstep, seriously.

AND, it was packaged like a piece of jewelry from a high-end jeweler. Gorgeous gift bag, tissue paper, and the pen itself enclosed in a glass tube, inside a lovely box. The New York Times has called Beboe “the Hermes of marijuana”.

WHAAAAT??? Now you are speaking my language.

I was giddy. Literally giddy. I couldn’t believe that someone believed so strongly in cannabis becoming mainstream that they were creating products like this.

Ok, so what about the product itself? Well, like most pre-filled vape pens, this one is super easy to use. You just draw on it for about 2 seconds, and then exhale. A discreet little light on the end of the pen lights up to let you know it is working.

The great news about a vape pen is that you can control how much or how little you want to have, depending on the situation. Going to the movies (1 sec for a regular movie, 3 seconds for Inception), going to a party (1 second before you go in, maybe another 1 second before dinner is served), going for a hike (1/2 second), all day at the beach (1 second every 2 hours) ... you get my point.

And the pre-filled pens are great because you do not have to worry about batteries or cartridges. You just use it until it is empty and then recycle it the next time you go to the dispensary. The sativa blend Beboe pen I received had 200mg in it, so it lasted me almost a year. All for $60. Pretty damn good.

Hello gorgeous.

Did I mention how beautiful the Beboe pen is? It looks like a hand-crafted writing instrument in rose gold. It makes me feel posh just carrying it in my purse. I am delighted when I take it out to show it to people. The New York Times says it “would not look out of place poking from the breast pocket of a Saint Laurent suit.” Pretty good for a glorified joint.

Feel Good.

The high from the Beboe sativa pen is very satisfying. Happy and light, but not too trippy. Again, you can control how high you want to be, so that is awesome. I tend to love Sativa, because it is so social, and this pen does make me super chatty and outgoing.

It is of course, highly portable. I even know a friend who takes hers through TSA at the airport (I’m not that brave). You can take it anywhere a ballpoint pen can go.

Beboe introduced an Indica blend pen this year, and I like the high from that one as well. It is a little more mellow. I use it for doing chores, cooking, going for a walk, watching a movie. It is not a downer at all (so not really recommended for sleep), but is a really nice, mellow buzz. Very functional.

Beboe pens are available for delivery in California from Octavia Wellness. They are/are not available in other states at this time.