Dixie Elixirs Awakening Mints


For years I have been traveling to Colorado, enjoying the recreational cannabis, and visiting dispensaries. The California medical dispensaries were poor relatives of the more robust and enticing Colorado recreational dispensaries. The product selection. The knowledge. The prices! It was during one of these trips that I discovered Dixie Elixirs, and specifically, their Awakening Mints . These are the perfect high for me: 5mg of uplifting sativa in a delightfully citrus flavored mint, smaller than my pinkie fingernail. 16 in a pack that costs about $22. Each tiny little mint is good for an entire day or evening of fun. Work the math on that wine drinkers


One of the most frequent questions I get with regard to cannabis is regarding dosage for edibles. (Well, actually the question I am most asked about, by far, is regarding sleep, but more on that later – research in progress). The authoritative stance on dosage is to start with 10mg, but I think this is WAY too much. For my body chemistry, and many others I know, 5mg is just perfect. I call it the equivalent of 2 drinks (again, the math, wine drinkers..).


This means I can take my “ happy pill ” (as I call them), go to a party, have ONE drink (instead of 3) and I am right there with the rest of the crowd. BUT, not overly full and feeling sloppy, as I would be if I consumed 3 drinks. Then, I go home, and guess what? I sleep! I am not up all night because I have 3 drinks in me. And I sleep well. Then, I wake up in the morning, and I feel great! I have energy, I am not sluggish – I am ready to go!

So, this benefit pretty much applies to all cannabis (vs. alcohol), but what is so special about the Awakening Mints? Good strain: I don’t know what specific strain (can I find out??) of cannabis Dixie Elixirs uses in the Awakening Mints, but it is a very nice one. Mellow, but happy and alert. Kind of like you are at the center of the universe. Great for a party or social settings.

Consistent: The Awakening Mints are super consistent. I get the same high every time, and it seems like those I have shared them with do too. It is so fun to give them to friends at a party or event, and ride the happy high together. Especially since I feel confident that no one is going to freak out or have a bad experience. Is it weird to say I “trust” these mints??

Portability: I said before that the Awakening Mints are less than the size of my pinkie fingernail. And by less, I mean like 60% less! They are tiny. We are talking less than a centimeter tiny. So this makes them very convenient to carry and use. A dose for a whole party can fit in an Altoids box. Which, by the way, is a good way to carry them, especially if you are traveling. I have been successful bringing mine all over the world, by purchasing a tin of hard candies, removing a few of the candies, and wrapping the mints in the wrapper and placing it in the tin. Goes right through x-ray in my purse.

Cost: We have already done the math on the cost. Seriously?? An entire day or night of fun for about $1.50? Ok, so maybe you add one high priced glass of wine or cocktail to that, but you are still under $20 bucks! This trick should be its own episode on the Poor Girl’s Guide.

Dixie Elixirs also produces a Relaxing Mint (inidca), but I have not tried it yet. The also make a half THC/half CBD version called Synergy Mints, that is also nice, a little more mellow than the Awakening Mints.