How to Find the Appropriate Dose

Cannabis can be a wonderful remedy, but it is important to get the right dose.  Avoid the “bad trip” by following our simple guidelines. 

Start low and go slow”  

  • Doses can start as low as 2-5mg of THC.  You can always go up from there. 

  • Too much THC is not lethal, but can cause or exacerbate anxiety and mood disorders. Remember, no one has ever overdosed on THC

  • Less is more! An excessive amount could be less therapeutic than a moderate dose. 

  • The goal is to administer consistent, measurable doses to achieve the desired relief with minimal undesired effects. 

Titrate to find the optimal dose  

  • Use same dose and ratio for several days before going up.  You will not have a good read after only one use. 

  • Ratio: find the one that works for you: CBD only, 1:1 CBD:THC, 3:1, THC only 

  • In general CBD will have a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect 

  • THC is what provides the psychoactive effect or “high”, and may provide an analgesic effect (pain reducing) 

  • All products sold through legal dispensaries will be labeled with the CBD: THC ratio or with the percent of THC and CBD included 

Trial and error  

  • Record each dosage and product and the effect that it has on you

  • Try a dosage/product for a few days (up to 14) before coming to any conclusions 

  • Research what products and combinations have worked for others with your symptoms

When trying any new medication or remedy, we recommend using a tracking diary.

Cannabis, Q&ANoni Holroyd