Alexandra Poer – Chef and Plant Advocate

Alexandra is an intuitive chef. She taught herself to cook because she loved food and creating amazing experiences, including tablescapes and settings. Through her catering business, Alexandra’s Table, she creates enchanting meals and events for 4-400 people. Though she often serves meat at her clients’ request, Alexandra is most happy when she gets to work on plant based meals. We have collaborated with Alexandra on live cooking demonstrations, and products, and were excited to learn more about Alexandra’s Plant Life.

What does a plant-based life mean to you?

To me, it means bringing plants into your life in every way, every day. I go to my (small) garden every day and cut things to bring inside and place around my house. It doesn’t have to be precious, it is just very important to bring living things inside to be near me.

How do you practice a plant-based life?

Besides bring nature inside, I also spend a lot of time outside, whenever I can. I take long walks, and observe the natural, plant beauty around me. I watch how it changes with the seasons. I try to observe new things each time I go out. I also try to work with plants in my cooking whenever I can. I know plants have such healing powers, and I want to learn more about that. I also make sure that my table is always set with plants and natural elements, herbs, flowers, even weeds!

What do you think the benefits of a plant-based life are?

Well, I know that I feel so much better when I eat healing plants. It is so easy to incorporate plants and herbs into your daily meals, and I love showing people how to do that.

What is your favorite tip or hack for a plant-based life?

Don’t make it overwhelming. Plants are all around you. Just start bringing them in. Pick herbs or mint and make a tea. Cut flowers, collect leaves and petals and stones, and make a little alter next to your bed. You will feel the energy from plants if you start paying attention to it.

What is your favorite plant-based recipe?

Easy romesco sauce. It makes everything taste better.

What is your favorite plant medicine?

CBD for sure. I have learned so much about CBD and its healing properties from Plant Society. I was already a believer in plant remedies, but Plant Society has really made it easy to find incredible new products to add to my repertoire.

In what category do you wish we had more plant-based solutions?

Food packaging.

Do you have a plant-based hero?

Organic Farmers!




Alexandra’s favorite CBD products

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