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As long as there have been humans on this planet, we have used plants as remedy.  Yet, somehow in this world of pharmacies and drug companies, we have forgotten about the powerful and nurturing medicines that our Earth and our bodies provide.  Of course a small, informed core has always believed in the power of plants, and in the past 3-5 years, plants are making their way back into the mainstream. I couldn’t be more excited about this trend, and Plant Society’s role in helping to educate and provide access to amazing plant based remedies.


This is not just an idea, it is an anthem. Our healthcare system is broken, and has the wrong motives in place. Doctors are incentivized to provide prescriptions, when solutions lie in the the food we eat, the way we live, and the plants around us. It’s time to take our health and wellness into our own hands, and to seek solutions that keep us off dangerous and addictive medications that exists to create profits for the companies that make them.

To do this, we need to be informed. We need research, testing, and guidance to make sure we are not only safe, but finding solutions that have proven successful for others. We will have to create this ourselves, as our regulatory systems are far behind the leading edge of discovery.

Plant Society is dedicated to using plants to take our health and wellness into our own hands.

Our mission is to make your life better through plants.

But how to navigate it all? There is incredible work and research being done, incredible products available (and some not so incredible), and a whole new world of healing available through legalized cannabis and CBD. All of this can become overwhelming. I created Plant Society to be your guide. Your trusted source for remedies, solutions, resources, and research.  We want to be your shortcut to the best you possible.

AND, this is a partnership. We are a team.  I want to hear from you on your discoveries, and what you want to know more about.  How you are healing and owning your health. Together we will uncover the path to the best life possible through plants. And hopefully have some fun along the way!

Shari Boyer, Founder 

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