Shari Boyer

Shari is a passionate explorer who loves to discover and share ideas, resources, places, and products.  While working as a cause related marketing executive, Shari pursued her passion for plant based remedies on the side, and is excited to be launching Plant Society as a platform for a better life through plants.

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Welcome to Plant Society.

Growing up in Southern California, I took for granted the healthy lifestyle my parents created for us.  I just assumed everyone drank raw milk, ate whole wheat pasta, and had no refined sugar or red meat in their houses.  I thought everyone’s mom did yoga, took their kids away from the city to the wild reaches of Montana for the summer, and restricted tv time to weekends.  And though all these things seem standard now, they were not then.  

My upbringing influenced me, even when I didn’t want it to.  I wanted to have meatloaf and Lucky Charms like all of my friends.  I wanted to stay in smoggy LA for the summer, not be turned loose in the forests of the Northwest for long days of exploration.

Now, as an adult, I am so thankful for the inspired childhood I had.  I find myself having the same conversations with my own children that I had with my mother about why unprocessed foods are better, why we buy organic, the importance of time in nature, and how taking medication is a last resort only.

I am grateful to be living in a time and a place where natural remedies, including cannabis, are becoming more accepted, even sought out.  Research on the power of plants, mindful living, and cannabis is growing, especially as we see some of the devastating effects of pharmaceutical solutions such as opioids, and the effects of big agriculture on our health.

It feels like an exciting time with so much information to digest.  I hope to shed some light, create awareness, and share with you what we find.  Plant Society is by explorers for explorers.  I am honored to have you join us on this amazing journey.

Shari Boyer
Chief Botanical Curator