Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life

It’s a pretty well known fact that using cannabis can improve your sex life, significantly. 

 A recent informal poll in Psychology Today reports that 67% of responders say cannabis greatly enhances their sex life, with only 12% saying it inhibited their sex life.

 Cannabis use also appears to be related with more sex.  A researcher at Stanford University recently published an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showing that regular cannabis users had 20% more sex than non-users.

The reasons given for cannabis having a positive effect on sex include decreasing of inhibitions, increased physical sensations, narrowed focus on partner, better communication, decreased pain, and that certain strains act as an aphrodisiac, increasing desire.  Whatever it is, if you have experienced the positive effects of sex and cannabis, you are probably a huge advocate.

Let’s look at some of the hemp and cannabis products that have hit the market, specifically tailored to sex.


Foria is one of the O.G. players in the cannabis intimacy space.  They create a popular THC product called Foria Pleasure that is a topical oil for women, ideally used ½ hour before sex.  They have some pretty outrageous testimonials, and were  named the “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ Magazine in 2014. Foria recently introduced a CBD only oil, Foria Awaken, which is formulated to increase sensation and decrease tension, discomfort and dryness.  This is available to purchase online  because it does not included THC.


Dosist, of the stylish, easy to use vape pens, has 2 cannabis formulas that can be used for sex.  Arouse is a THC:CBD formula in a 10:1 ratio, with a precise terpene blend to help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement.  Passion has an 11:1 TCH:CBD profile with terpenes to deliver a euphoric feeling that increases your sensuality and heightens your sexual experience.

High Love by 1906

The High Love edible cannabis aphrodisiacs by 1906, are made with 5mg of THC per piece, and are meant to heighten sensitivity, increase arousal, and enhance orgasms.  The bite sized, delicious chocolates also include passion-inducing botanicals such as muira puama (1906 calls this the “Viagara of the Amazon”) and damiana (an ancient Aztec aphrodisiac).  High Love edibles taste amazing, and definitely seem to enhance sex.  They are particularly favored because they only have a 15-20 minute onset vs. 60-90 minutes for most edibles.  Keep some in your nightstand, you’ll thank us, we promise.  Our biggest problem is that for now they are only available in Colorado.

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