How to Grow Raw Cannabis Like a Boss

NOTE: It is not legal to grow cannabis in all states.  Please check here to see if you can legally grow in your state.  In California each adult can grow 6 plants.

Growing cannabis is not just for stoners and hippies.  Agreed, you might shock your neighbors, but there are many reasons to grow your own, including access to raw leaves and flowers, which contain THCA, a cannabinoid that does NOT get you high.  Some additional benefits and uses for raw cannabis are:

  • Raw cannabis activates the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which triggers antioxidant release to clean damaged cells from the body
  • Raw cannabis improves the efficiency of the cells in our body, allowing it to do what it does best
  • Raw cannabis is a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, magnesium and protein
  • Cannabis seeds contains all 10 essential amino acids
  • Raw cannabis leaves can be added to smoothies, juices and salads
  • Raw cannabis can be used to easily make balms and tinctures with healing properties.

Read on for our detailed instructions on how to grow your own cannabis.



1.  Cannabis can be grown from seeds or clones (seedling that is propagated from mother plant) 

2.  Plant seeds outdoors in the spring in a small pot or 6 cell container using good potting soil (such as EB Stone 420 mix)

3.  Keep plants outside in a sunny location (similar to tomato plants)

4.  Water regularly but don’t let plants sit in soggy soil

5.  As seedlings grow, transplant to incrementally larger pots until they reach a 3-5-gallon pot using the same type of potting soil

6.  At some point your plant will show signs if it is male or female (when growing from a clone, it should be female)

7.  You now have a choice:

  • Keep both sexes and your male plants will pollinate the females, creating lots of seeds, but fewer, smaller flowers. You can use the leaves of both plants in a smoothie and would have to pick out the seeds from the flowers – OR –  Cull the male plants and get rid of them so you will have larger flowers with more oil (more cannabinoids)

8.  Transplant the female plants into the ground in a sunny spot or a larger pot

9.  During the vegetative stage, when the plants are growing bushy with lots of leaves, feed with Nitrogen-rich fish emulsion, as directed

10. As the days get shorter, the plants will start flowering. During the flowering stage, feed with Phosphorus-rich bone meal, as directed

11. Harvest: you can harvest the leaves and flowers throughout the grow process to get beneficial cannabinoids, and the type of cannabinoids changes depending on the stage of the plant.

  • Early on, there will be CBGa and some THCa, later it should be more THCa and CBDa, depending on the plant genetics.
  • To get the full THC effect, you should wait until the hairs on the flower go from white, to clear to amber to harvest
  • In California, full harvest is usually in September


  • When you harvest your flower, you can also harvest the seeds of the female plants and use them for next years planting
    • Separate the seeds from the flower
    • Store in a cool dry place
    • Only keep seeds that are brown and stripey (not white)
  • Each strain of cannabis has different cannabinoids and ratios. Know the genetics of your seeds or seedling. You can find out from the grower, or do some research on on the genetics of different strains

GOOD NEWS! These plants are hardy and forgiving (they are weeds!) They are annuals and will have to be replanted each year, like tomatoes.


Pre-packaged grow kits are available from Nurse Sue.  They contain seeds, potting soil, fish emulsion and bone meal, plus instructions to make growing your own cannabis foolproof.  Inquire here.

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