Real People: How Kimber Uses CBD

We are always excited to hear from real people about how they use plant-based remedies to improve their lives. Kimberlee won our Valentine’s Day giveaway, and had some great advice about how and why she uses CBD. Here is her story.

Kimber’s Story

I’ll start by saying that I’m pretty new into these products (I found them a couple months ago), but they’ve been little miracle-workers for me since!

Cannabidiol, just one of the many cannabinoids in the realm of Cannabis plants, holds the key to a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects that marijuana offers—without the high. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of these products for stress and anxiety relief, tummy aches, dry skin & more. If you’re curious, read on!


When I began researching CBD, I was hit with so many facts and statistics. There is for sure a more in-depth answer to this question, but to keep things simple, here’s a quick little low down on CBD, or Cannabidiol—

CBD and THC are the two main cannabinoids found in marijuana. The difference between the two is as simple as this— THC is psychoactive, and CBD is not. So while THC is responsible for mind-altering effects and making you feel stoned, CBD will not get you high. Because it’s non-psychoactive, it’s possible to reap the benefits of marijuana through CBD without being stoney baloney.


Honestly, there are a million reasons why someone could benefit from using CBD. For lengthiness sake, I’ll stick to my own experience and personal learnings. The first time I tried Luce Farm’s CBD was because of a stomach ache. I do my best to keep my gut health in tip-top shape with my diet, but there are days where I stray and my tummy is the first to feel those consequences (eek). I happened to stop into the cafe I work at and a friend suggested I add CBD extract to a drink I was making. I was weary at first, but 15 minutes into my drink, I felt total relief from any stomach discomfort I previously had. I got more curious about the benefits of CBD! Nowadays, I use it for lots of reasons, such as

  • Pain relief

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Insomnia

  • Acne & skincare

  • Headaches


My meditation practice keeps stress and anxiety at bay 99% of the time, but there still are days when I want to curl up into my little anti-social ball and sink into it. On these days, a simple, single drop of CBD extract under my tongue does the trick to allow me to slow down and come back to my center. Luce Farm’s CBD extract or hemp-infused honey are also super easy to add into my regular tea or coffee. Depending on my reason for using CBD, there are a couple different products from Luce that I LOVE—

  • Hemp Extract– A simple drop under the tongue is the easiest and fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD. It’s what I do if I’m experiencing high anxiety or a stressful day. Luce Farm’s extract is combined with MCT (fractionated coconut oil), which actually has its own list of benefits including cognitive brain function and skin health.

  • Hemp Infused Rub– Combined with Arnica, Lemon & Ginger, this has quickly become my go-to for sore muscles, aches, pains & headaches. I put it right on my forehead to get rid of a headache, and I apply it to my shoulders and the back of my neck almost every day. It’s got such a soothing effect- it’s almost like an all-natural version of Icy Hot, but without the actual icy feeling that I hate haha!

  • Hemp Infused Body Balm– If you read my Winter Skincare post, you already know I’m in love with this little baby. Us East Coast ladies know first hand the effects of cold weather on our skin (ouch) and this balm is a GEM. It’s pretty much fully replaced my chapstick at this point, and I apply it in between my fingers to reverse/prevent cracked, dry skin. I’ve also used this as a face moisturizer and have noticed even clearer skin! This is my favorite Luce Farm product because I feel like I personally benefit from it in so many ways.


I started Quincy on CBD after a HORRIBLE night of fireworks around the 4th of July. He’s never particularly “liked” fireworks or thunder, but this night turned his small aversion into a full out bout of panic attacks at the first hint of a loud noise. While CBD doesn’t magically change Quincy’s attitude towards these things, it does calm his nerves enough for us to work him through the situation. I get so many questions about CBD for pets and using it as a replacement for certain medicines prescribed from a veterinarian.

My personal opinion is that if there’s a natural remedy, I’m all for it. But I want to stress that it’s always a good idea to consult your vet before switching up medication!

That being said, here are a couple reasons why I decided to start Quincy on CBD.. and why he is loving it!

  • Fireworks and thunderstorms- he’s still not a fan, but also not convulsing in a corner

  • Training sessions- it slows him down enough to pay more attention to us

  • General anxiety- he has a natural heightened anxiety level, CBD calms his nerves

  • Car rides- he used to bark at everyone who walked by the car, now he can chillllax

Creating Better Days” has products that are specially designed for use with pets, and Quincy loves it! It’s infused with fish oil, adding a little extra nutrient value and also a more yummy flavor than the regular CBD extract. We put a couple drops on a treat and he gobbles it right up!

I am so fortunate to have a healthy dog, with no real signs of aging yet. So I can only personally speak for the reasons listed above. But there are so many reasons that people use CBD oil for their pet, such as—

  • Pain management

  • Fighting/preventing cancer

  • Treating seizures/epilepsy

  • Increasing appetite

  • Heart health

If you have questions about using CBD for your pet, please feel free to message me! While I’m always happy to chat more about it, remember, it’s always a good idea to consult your vet before replacing medication of any kind.

Alrighty friends, that about sums up my experience with CBD so far. In my opinion, nothing beats a holistic, natural remedy for things that some of us face on a daily basis, like stress and anxiety. And I feel even better purchasing products from a small, sustainable hemp farming business like Luce Farm!

Written By:

Kimber at Wildflower Ways

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